This surgical procedure removes localised areas of excess fat – forming one or more places of the body. It sculpts the body by removing unwanted fat from specific areas by means of vacuum suction.

Liposuction cannot be a solution to a severe overweight or obesity!

Surgery can be performed under analgosedation or general anaesthesia. During analgosedation the patient is awake, but is relaxed and does not feel pain.

Incision of skin 5 mm in diameter in the specified area. Infiltration needle is inserted through the incision and the area is filled with a special solution against bleeding and for pain control – tumescent method. Then a layer of fat is vacuumed through a narrow cannula. Finally, the wounds are stitched and an elastic compressive garment is fitted, which needs to be worn for 4 weeks to avoid Post-Op bleeding and later unevenness.

No fat will be formed in the suctioned areas any more.

Surgery with a 1-day stay at the clinic under the attendance of professional nursing staff.

Convalescence ca 1-2 weeks.

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